Alyssa Campanella Boyfriend: Torrance Coombs

Alyssa Campanella & Torrance Coombs Dating (PHOTO)

Alyssa Campanella, 21, is dating "Tudors" actor Torrance Coombs, 28, reports.

And Coombs appeared to be super-psyched about Campanella's participation in the pageant and her subsequent win, Tweeting Sunday night, "Ridiculously proud of @AlyssCampanella, aka Miss CA USA," and, "Pardon my french, but HOLY F*CK! SHE WON! Congrats to @AlyssCampanella, Miss USA 2011. I am a puddle." No, we are a puddle! Honestly, that is kind of adorable.

Campanella, for her part, has been posting pictures of herself and Coombs. She also hinted at her relationship during the pageant itself, telling host Giuliana Rancic, "I'm obsessed with the Stuart and Tudor era. Whenever I go to Barnes & Noble I'm always in the history section and that is where you will find me," adding, "I watch 'Game of Thrones,' I watched 'Camelot' -- I know those are fantasy but I also watch the Tudors, so I'm a huge history geek."


Alyssa Campanella Twitter Photo

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella often faces is whether she has a boyfriend or not. Alyssa Campanella’s answer is yes. The lucky guy is actor Torrance Coombs. Alyssa Campanella herself recently posted a photo of the two in her twitter account.

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